It Wasn't Just A Phase Enamel Pins (Gold or Silver)

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This is adulthood and this is how we look and how we will continue to look. The kids that sported the mohawks and tattoos or wore black lipstick and Victorian dresses are all grown up now and having children of their own. Our children are the ones sporting the black onesies with skulls, and we are the parents who have chosen to raise our families outside of the box.

Get your pin game strong with this Punky Mom It Wasn't Just A PhaseEnamel Pin. Available in two colors, gold or silver.

This pin was designed by Punky Moms and Me And You Studio. We are finally one of the cool kids now with our own range of enamel pins. Our PUNKY MOMS Lightning Bolt and the MAMA GANG blue heart are almost sold out!

Limited to 50 enamel pins in this first run.

.98 inch hard enamel pin on black metal, with a clutch on the back.