Punky Moms Tote

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These are an old school bag we discovered while Jenn was doing some moving around. I had one way back when and am super stoked to have one again.

It is the perfect size to just throw whatever you got in there. Quick trip to the store? Hauling vinyl records? Diapers?

These bags are a lightweight 4.5 oz. natural canvas bag with matching 20" over-the-shoulder handles and bottom gusset. Don't let that throw you off. We've put them through the ringer and they are stronger than they look (much like many of us!) They measure a generous 15.5 x 15 x 3 inches and have a silk screened Punky logo right on the side! Show your Punky Love every time to you go to the store, to the park, anywhere you take a bag.

I have about ten I use for various things, and between being dragged on the ground (bricks, street, tile, grass...) and lugged around, washed, balled up, you name it, I haven't had a single one let me down. No seams ripped out, no holes, and the screen print hasn't washed off. Even better, these are a natural cotton color and perfect for embellishing with sharpie, patches, whatever!

Need some usage suggestions? Try these!

  • Use instead of paper or plastic at the food store
  • Use instead of shopping bags at any store
  • Use as a diaper bag
  • Use as a purse! (ok, not an evening bag, but it'll work for keys and general "stuff")
  • Use it to keep a change of clothes in the car for your kids
  • It makes a great library bag too!
  • Use it as a knitting bag
  • Give one to each of your kids with their lunch in it
  • Camp clothes? Perfect for them!
  • Headed for the beach? Perfectly sized for a towel or two and a change of clothes
  • Still at the beach? Take a second bag for beach toys or to collect shells
  • Got another suggestion? Let us know!