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Empower, accept and love! This ethos has been the core of our movement. This original design has been updated these past few months as we removed the use of the word gang from our product line. Girl Pwr is still a perfect fit got the girls and daughters who find themselves involved in our group. 

Celebrating women and empowering our daughters. We have to be out there supporting each other. Stop tearing each other down and start raising everyone up. We are not your competition. 

Limited quantity. 

2.5 inch Red and White high-quality embroidered patches by our favourite pal, Half Stitch Embroidery in Glasgow. 

Iron-on backing, super easy to apply.

1. Set iron to hot

2.Iron clothing where patch will be placed

3. Place patch on garment and press with an iron for a few secs to hold into place. 4.Iron the back of the patch for 1 minute

5.Let cool for 1 minute, if edge of patch can be lifted, repeat step 4